Welcome to my Page

I'm currently starting to collect autographs and picks of my favorite Stars and Bands. As I wanted to get myself a short overview and also to show my collection to others (as they may try it on their own) I decided to creat this page.
I hope you enjoy it.

My motto: You can't get them if you don't try them! 

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05.01.2016 Happy New Year Everyone 
                      I added fReAK bEnZiN and Almost Tomorrow to the Pick Section and Danai Gurira to the Actor Section
                     Also I added the "Sticker Section" and first band in it is Almost Tomorrow

30.11.2015 Finally I´m back ;) sorry for being gone for so long, University and stuff was very stressful during the last

                     weeks! Added a few Five Finger Death Punch, To the Rats and Wolves, Papa Roach, Fall of Gaia and We

                     Butter the Bread with Butter picks to the pick section, Fall of Gaia and We Butter the Bread with Butter

                     Setlists to the Setlist section and Fall of Gaia,Five Finger Death Punch, Devil You Know (music 2, which I also

                     added as the first one was full), James Earl Jones and Clark Gregg (both actor) to the autograph Section

06.09.2015 Added another Kiss Pick (Paul Stanley) to the Pick section and Johnny Depp to the actor section

31.08.2015 Added Majesty and To the Rats and Wolves to the Music section, Majesty; Napalm Death; Threshold; To                              the Rats and Wolves and We Butter the Bread with Butter to Setlist Section, To the Rats and Wolves and                                Napalm Death to Pick section and also I added a "Drumstick" Section as I got my first Drumstick(s) from                              Außholtz, Threshold and To the Rats and Wolves! Everything is from NOAF 2015

21.08.2015 Added Orlando Bloom to the actor section!

12.08.2015 Added Trivium to the Setlist section, Nightwish, Cradle of Filth, Haudegen, Evanescence and Kyle Gass to                        the Music section and Kyle Gass (all of them from Summer Breeze Open Air) and Wes Craven to the actor


11.08.2015 Added Dean Norris to the Actor Section

03.08.2015 Added Oomph!, IN FLAMES, Danko Jones and Stratovarius to the Music Section as I had Meet & Greets      

                      with them at the Wacken Open Air 2015

26.07.2015 Added Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett from Star Wars) to the Actor Section

17.07.2015 Added another Bill Nighy to the Actor Section AND to the TRADE section!

10.07.2015 I am sorry I haven´t been posting for almost a month now, but sadly we had a postal strike for over a          

                     month and so I did not receive any of my letters back until this week. As they were collected and given to

                     my together I do have a few to add, which I will do as fast as I can: So I added autographs of Helen Mirren,

                     John Hurt, Jesse Eisenberg and Nikolaj Coster Waldau to Actor section as well as Sideris Tasiadis and

                     Hannes Aigner to the Sport section.


19.06.2015 Added The Undertaker (Wrestling) to Sports section 

10.06.2015 Added SETLIST section and first Setlist by L7, and autographs by Bill nighy and Kenny Baker to actor section
01.06.2015 Added: Toby Jones and Tom Hardy to Actor Section and 2 Kiss, 2 Five Finger Death Punch, 1 Judas Priest                            and 1 Dead Daisies picks, I got at "Rock im Revier Festival" to the Pick section

23.05.2015 Added Unheilig to the Music section
05.05.2015 Added Bill Nighy to the Actor section

30.04.2015 Added Dame Helen Mirren to the Actor section

26.04.2015 Added Venom to the Music section AND the Pick section and Mads Mikkelsen to Actor section
20.04.2015 ADDED MY NEW FACEBOOK PAGE! (link on top of this page!)

15.04.2015 received two autographs of Via Venue locations by Kevin Spacey and Timothy Olyphant today, added them to                      the Actor Section

08.04.2015 Added Flake (Rammstein member) to the Rammstein (Music) section
24.03.15 Added two autographs of Mr. Geoffrey Rush to the Actor section, which I received today

17.03.15 Added an autograph of the Band Sabaton I received three days ago

12.03.15 Added an autographed T- Shirt I found in the Comedian- Otto Waalkes Section

10.03.15 First Version is done and I added some Mercedes Driver´s (I guess printed) autographs (Häkkinen, Paffett, Schneider, Wickens) I found in between a few of my magazines from the IAA 2013.